Monday, June 29, 2009

it is about you!

You make a difference without knowing it. Someone seeing a yellow wristband on your arm or wearing a Livestrong Tshirt or a pink ribbon, you're helping someone on their path to know they are not alone. We are not alone! We're all affected by cancer!

This is Patrick Dempsey, he is doing a 100 mile fundraising ride to help with the cancer clinic he is opening in honor of his mother who is battling cancer.

It is about us!
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***For bicycle fun!
Tonight at The Transportation Museum The Carless Brit Museum grand opening. Also included is a 100 year history of bicycles and a tribute to Roanokes Blue Ridge Bicycle Club's founder Artie Levien. 6-8 all free tonight!

July 11
Car Wash!
We're washing away cancer 11-3 at Haverty's Valley View! All money goes to The Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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