Tuesday, March 31, 2009

an inspirational playlist for my iPod

Hey! So on those days that the fog sets in, I need some tunes to give me inspiration and to keep the energy up. I thought I would share with you my Livestrong iPod Playlist. Hope you find enjoy. If I can figure out how to share them on the blog leagally I will. :0) It is about an hour long and some offer a great workout beat.

Bicycle Race - By Queen (if you've heard it, it needs no explaining)
I'm Coming Out - By Diana Ross (because 10 years ago Walt inspired me and this was our song)
Proud - By Heather Small (from the QAF soundtrack, it needs no explaining either)
La Copa De La Vida - By Ricky Martin (English version to appear later)
Life Is a Highway - By Tom Cochrane (You feel the wind in your hair listening to it)
Beautiful Day - By U2 (If I'm having a bad day, this takes it away)
Cue The Pulse To Begine - By The Burnside Project (from QAF 4, and does just what it says)
Dive In The Pool {X-Union Mix} - By Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay(you gotta hear it)
Praise You - By Fatboy Slim (even though he was sued by the original singer for rights to the song)
Tear Me Down - By Stephen Trask & John Cameron Mitchel (Hedwig ...Love it!)
The Cup of Life - By Ricky Martin (created for the Barcelona Soccer World Cup...it's FAB!)
Personal Jesus (Pump mix) - By Depeche Mode ("reach out and touch faith...")
Survivalism - By Nine Inch Nails (had to have some industrial metal)
If Everyone Cared - By Nickelback (created for Amnesty Int'l, highly recommend the video)

Hope you enjoy!

quote for you

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride."
~John F. Kennedy

Monday, March 30, 2009

to stay on wheels

Ok, so the rain has kept us off our bikes since last week. Though we did enjoy a walk to the gym and lift weights. Week two of the new weight training, so we did 8-12 reps with 3 sets. So the weights got a little lighter, but still noticeable soreness. :0) This program seems to be working, I'm really noticing a difference in my arms and back strength.

One of the things that the Livestrong Ride is doing, is keeping me moving. For example, I am walking to work, we walked to the gym, and we are scoping out locations to hook up our bikes when we ride to the movies, dinner, etc.

SO, here is something fun to add to my training:
So in the month of May I am going to try and ride my bike as much as possible or walk if it is raining, cause well my bikes are not equiped for the wet weather. Specifically Bike To Work Week is May 11-15, 2009. Hope we can wave at each other on the way. There is also a great new magazine put out by the people who bring you Dirt Rag Magazine, called Bicyle Times. Bicycle Times is a quarterly magazine that gives you great tips on commuting, involvig gear and ways to create a safe route. In addition to the magazine there are great sites out there to assist you in your commuting needs.

Even in Roanoke, there is a party, where they ask you to arrive in anything but a car.
April 14, 6-8 - CarlessBrits Carless Roanoke Party At the main Library

Peace and joy,

Friday, March 27, 2009

What's going on

Since this also includes my Dad, thought I would update you. I was able to have lunch with him today. His birthday is Wednesday, we'll just say he will be old. :0) He likes to be called "Old-man". He has radiation every day Monday through Friday and meets with the radiation doctor every Wednesday. He is doing good and spirits seem to vary from day to day, but mostly good. He said that after today's treatment he has 17 more treatments. After the next 5, they will begin focusing the radiation directly at the tumors in his esophagus instead of the broad area. Then he has a PET scan to see if the radiation has been beneficial.

My training is still going on. Tomorrow I start with the second stage of the new weight lifting program tomorrow and on Wednesday I start adding more cardio.

A couple of fundraising opportunities coming up, more details to come later:
April 25 Bake sale - Location TBA. All will go toward Livestrong Challenge Fundraising goal of $2,500.
June 20 - Reiki Healing Retreat; 10-1 @ Lifestream Center for $30. 50% will go toward the Livestrong Challenge fundraising goal.
June 20 - Art Show and Sale; 5-7 (maybe 8) @ Lifestream Free with affordable art Available for purchase. 50% will go toward the Livestrong Challenge Fundraiser.

But you don't have to wait until the fundraisers. Donate now! http://philly09.livestrong.org/rhondachattin

Take a moment and watch this clip: www.livestrongchallenge.org

Til next time!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

fun quote

"Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity." ~Lord Charles Bereford

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a semi-rude awakening

There are multiple reasons why I am participating in the 45 mile Livestrong Challenge ride in Philly.

One, I was sitting at my Dad's a week and few days after his first chemotherapy treatment. I went with him to the treatment, that was a whole new experience! But this particular day I wanted to sit with him and just be there. He sat and looked out the door. It happened to be snowing so it did not seem so unusual, because it was pretty. Still my Dad has been a "go getter", a nice guy who had never met a stranger and was never short on words. There he was short on words and go get. I ate six Lifesavers. No, that does not seem odd, except I hate Lifesavers, also hate the Lays potato chips I kept munching on inbetween the Lifesavers. Then I wanted a soda (I didn't go there). Tammy kept looking at me and I shrugged without an explanation to give. I did what most fat people do when we are upset. I ate! Oh and don't get me started on all the cupcakes I keep baking. I realized then I had to change, but realizing and action are two different ball games. We can talk all day about knowing what we need to do, it is putting it into action that is the tough part.

Two, I was also taugtht that when time gets tough, the tough get going. I had a great high school basketball coach that put that into a simple action for me once, when she asked me to run until I felt better. A very valuable lesson!!! That I have used many times in my life. Thanks Coach Wright!

Three, My Dad was suffering. We all have our own suffering when we hear the diagnosis of cancer from the family and friends side. (more on that later) He was aching inside from the anxiety of it all, from the fear and from the unknown. We were all in a place of unknown. Not knowing how much longer we would smell his cologne, see his smile on a physical body, how sick will he be and well I could go on... I know that pushing yourself beyond what you are doing now is no comparison, but I wanted to push myself into the unknown, to see what I am made of.

There have been lots of days the alarm has gone off, the sky is stil dark, the birds are barely awake and chirping and I have not wanted to go to the gym. Then I remember there were times my Dad has not wanted to go for radiation or to the countless doctor appointments. So I get up, remember that I am pushing myself beyond what I have done, knowing that he is doing something beyond what he ever thought he could handle.
I have all sorts of anxieties about this ride. Will I break or injure something between now and August? Will I beable to finish 45 miles? Will I reach my fundraising goal? And well there are more, but I'll save you those. Then this morning while riding the bike at the gym after lifting weights, I realized. I HAVE NO CLUE!!! I have no clue the anxiety my Dad felt the first day he knew he had cancer! I have no clue the anxiety my Dad felt as he sat for five hours with poison (that will make him the sickest he has ever been in his life) dripped into his veins. I have no clue at all about what it is like to receive the diagnosis of cancer (like many of us I do not wish to either). I have no clue how any of the 1 million people will feel this year when they hear that words as their diagnosis. Nor do I have any clue how the 8 million people already living with active cancer in their bodies feels.

SO. I will continue to push myself to the limits and will continue to ride, even though I have no clue how scary it is to live with active cancer growing inside my body. Why? Because I can! I can push myself beyond my scary places. I can do what I can to help educate, help with research dollars, help support and so much more. 1 millions people is just to many to me! 1 is to many to me!

Here is my first advice. Get outside or find some way to begin to excercise. Even if you can only walk to the end of the sidewalk and back. Pretty soon, you'll be around the block. Why? Because studies show excercise helps to reduce the threat of cancer. (More on that later)

Thanks for sharing in this journey!

Peace and joy,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cycling jersey!

Tammy got me a wool cycling jersey and it arrived today. THANKS TAMMY! Wool for various reasons. One reason would be the ability for the material to pull sweat off your body to keep you either warm or cool. It is what we call in our house, merlin blue with a black strip and white strip. The name of the company is Earth, Wind & Rider, www.ewnr.com. Pics to come later! :o)

Keeping on keeping on...

If you're new to the blog, be sure to look for the one titled "Here's my story" so that you can know more about me. Also be sure to visit my fundraising page at http://philly09.livestrong.org/rhondachattin. I greatly appreciate your support and thank you to everyone that has already contributed! We've reached the minimum goal, but still have a little ways to go to make it to $2,500. This month my practice Holistic Energy Works I will donate 50% of all appointments through the month of April. So two benefits for one, you get a relaxing and healing appointment and know that 50% of it is going to help wth the fight against cancer.

"Are you gonna ride or hide." ~Lance Armstrong
Don't hide! Be a part of this ride!

This week I have started a new way of lifting weights. We found it in the current issue on newstands of Women's Muscle and Fitness. It starts off with maximum weight with low repitions. So I am lifting huge amounts of weight only 3-6 times for 3 sets. WOW! You really feel strong doing it that way. I am focusing initially on strength training because my right knee has been lugging around extra weight for a few years (most my adult life) and needs some extra support. I will alternate through the rest of March with weights and cardio. In April on weight lifting days I will add cardio in the afternoon or evening. Though I have had a couple of extra days lately as we've enjoyed the nice evening weather before the lawn mowers start. Man they can junk up your allergies while riding quick!

We picked up "Dot" (my new to me road bike-needed a little TLC) on Saturday from the great folks at Just The Right Gear and went out on a spin on the local greenway. It will take some getting use to riding a road bike after so many years on my mountain bike. Your leg muscles even use different muscles more on one vs the other. Good to know! I also used upper chest muscles more on the road bike than I did on the mountain bike. I enjoyed riding the road bike, but the coordination will take some time. Thanks Lisa for the bike!

Thanks everyone for your support!
Peace and joy,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Week update 03/20/09

Wow! I am excited to announce that we are just shy of the minimum donation amount required, but we're not stopping there. We know we can make it to $2,500.

This week has been an adventurous week! It is exactly a week since I officially decided to ride in the Livestrong Challenge (www.livestrongchallenge.org). I wanted to weigh all my options, health, fitness level and well many other aspects of my life before I made the final decision. My Dad is in the middle of cancer treatments and had to look at the possibility that he could get sick and need people to be there with him. So I did not want the ride to be a stress, I wanted it to be a good outlet and a way to make something positive out of such an upsetting situation.

So here we are one week later. I have muscles hurting I have been aware of for some time. AND, it feels good to be alive. I stop to thank God for the body I have that I am able to go out and make it sore, that I am not confined and unable to push myself in such a way. I started really pushing through the weight lifting and cardio. We went out on the first outdoor training ride this week, well we even took two. Our usual day off ended up being a nice little ride on the greenway, with a headwhind both directions I might add.

A few things I have learned this week:
1- incline press is toughter than a bench press
2- you can make yourself really sore quick
3- it is possible to do more than you think
4- to remember that it is ok to ask for help
5- it is important to remember we're not alone in anything

Waiting for "Dot" my new to me road bike to get out of the bike shop. Otherwise setting up a training schedule and looking at possibly setting a 45 mile ride at the end of May to get a bench mark.
Visit my fundraising web-page while you're online and add your name to the honor roll... http://philly09.livestrong.org/rhondachattin

Thank you for sharing the journey,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

just a fun quote

"Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world." ~Grant Peterson

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St Patricks Day! It falls during a good time of year, when everything is staring to bud and green is all around us. I'm excited to report that less than 24 hours into online fundraising we already have $75! Woohoo! Thank you very much!
I have jumped in with both feet and man it is amazing how easy you can make your body sore so fast. Oh and there is this new muscle that is in my left butt cheek, that is so sore. I say new cause it is so sore it is either new or has not been used since I crawled around as a baby. LOL! Today was a weight day, I learned that the incline press is much more difficult than the bench press. For some reason I've never done incline presses. I dropped the weight from my bench press weight, it was still tough. That was the lowest weight and I refused to only incline bench press the bar. That should feel good in the morning. I have an amethyst mat appointment in the afternoon so that will help with the soreness. If you're unfamiliar, it is a heated bed of amethyst crystals. It feels amazing and has a similar benefit as going to the beach.
The sun is out today after raining for multiple days and heading out for an evening bike ride. Tomorrow is an off day, only crunches.
Til next time!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I already have my first donation of $50 and it wasn't a relative! Thank you!

Here is my story!

I got my first bike when I was around 4; it was a pink banana seat bike with a cute little white basket with a daisy on it. I loved that little bike. I rode it all over the place it felt like, but really, I just rode in the dead end street where we lived and down the street, never to go into the busy street. I laugh at that now, being so scared when cars were driving on the street. That changed.
Then in the fourth grade I got the most gorgeous bicycle I had ever seen. It was a royal blue metallic Nishiki ten speed. I had moved up in the world. I no longer peddled backwards to stop and had a whole host of gears to learn to ride with. That did not stop me though. A few quick lessons and I was off, setting goals of riding the Tour de France. Haha! I look back now and see so many reasons why that was not going to happen.
There is something about the freedom those two wheels afforded me. As soon as I crossed that barrier and ventured onto that busy street that intersected our street and rode around the block, I was hooked. I could go on any adventure I wanted to. Oh the stories that bike could tell.
Hours would be spent on that bike. Even the summer I slid down a big hill on tiny loose gravels wearing my circa 1980 terrycloth shorts. Who knew picking those little gravels out of my thigh would hurt more than the road rash I acquired when I hit that pavement?
Then my Dad upgraded from his 3-speed beach comber type bike to a grey 10-speed. We were unshackled and we rode all over the place! Literally in my little 5th grade mind, we were exploring the world, riding for hours. I remember my Dad sweaty with little gnats stuck to his face. We smelled like sweat and fresh air all at the same time and it was great! We would stop and play at the park or sit under a tree at the neighborhood church and watch the shapes in clouds as they would roll over. It was me and my Dad and we were exploring uncharted worlds.
Now fast forward a few years to 2003, that grand 10-speed gained a new owner somewhere along the way. I grew up and out and briefly left the love of riding a bicycle. Then one day my partner and I decided to go get mountain bikes, because surely a road bike could not hold that much weight. A good stepping stone, we thought.
I love that bike, even have a sticker that says “I (heart) my bike”. The first ride, brought me back to those liberating wonderful feelings I had when I was a kid. My hair no longer flying free with the wind, because it was now protected by a plastic covered Styrofoam helmet. But the wind in my face and sun in my eyes made me feel like a kid again.
It was to be a short ride, just through the park and around (later driven in the car to discover it was 4.5 miles), but it took longer than expected. Oops, no bottle cage and no youthful bodies. It took us four hours stopping at water fountains in the parks and a lot of walking, but we loved it and after getting gel seats we continued riding. We took many adventures and we have some great stories about our experiences on our bikes, some involving an ER, ice packs and all sorts of pictures to prove it.
Again we fast-forward to January 2009. We already suspected the news we were all about to hear. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. My world began to spin; my head was spinning, everything was out of focus! I went through the whole reliving all the wonderful things we did from sharing my first room service of fresh fruit at the beach while everyone slept, to softball, graduation, and on and on and then our bike rides.
Through the help of the many loving people in my life, my head has stopped spinning. Cancer is not new to our family. Some friends and family have survived and are surviving their lives with cancer and in remission, my uncle surviving multiple bouts of various types of cancer. Still yet many others are in memory, a great-grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, cousin and friends have all moved onward after their time living with cancer. So I knew cancer, but still it is my Dad!
So I sat with him, went with him to appointments, talked, sat and tried to absorb what I could to hold in memory. Leaving him each time feeling as though there was something more I could do. Still the memories of or bike rides kept coming up.
Lance Armstrong is a popular figure in our family. I remember watching him in triathlons and of course the Tour de France. I read his two books, “It’s Not About The Bike” and “Every Second Counts” years ago. I bought a yellow Livestrong bracelet when they first came out. However, it was moved to hanging on my book-bag and not on my wrist.
Still struggling with what to do next, I remembered Lance Armstrong has a foundation. I hopped online and checked it all out, knowing the Livestrong Foundation hosts a series of 5Ks and bike rides in the U.S.. Because of all the support they provide to people living with cancer, their families and to research, I felt this is a great place to have another focus.
Here is where my journey on a bike takes another step. To date since my days of youth, the furthest I’ve ridden is 15 miles. Now, I’ve signed up for a 45 mile bike ride in Philadelphia, PA, in August 2009. In honor of my Dad and our rides together and for my uncle still full of life and in memory of the many others. Because I know I am not alone in this life involving cancer I started this blog More Than A Ride at http://morethanaride.blogspot.com. Because I know it is going to go far beyond the ride. Now we are on this journey together. Changing our world one revolution at a time!

3/16/2009 gym report

Happy Monday!
Today was a heart zone 4 Cardio day. (Sally Edwards, Heart Zone Training, if you're unfamiliar. More on that later on.) Recumbant bike cardio, cause well I don't wear my bike shorts to the gym and don't think I need to say more. :o) 47 minutes on the bike, traveling 13.02 miles. Then an 8 minute cool down. Before I started cardio I did my first set of 3 sets of 30 crunches.
Tomorrow is a weight training day with cardio.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Quote for you

"Chasing records does not keep me on my bike. Happiness does." ~Lance Armstrong

Saturday, March 14, 2009

not your average biker

I'm not your average biker. I am currently hovering 245 pounds,but active. I have a great partner who is supportive and a house of sweet furkids. My bikes are a Specilized Hardrock 2004 and an old school circa 1970 Trek Road bike. Check out the pics. My helmet is a Giro Xen.

a description of the ride

The elevation thing seems to be a little bit of a concern. But hey, this is about the journey and not the destination. Right

45 Mile
The 45 mile course is a great course for the rider who wants the mileage but not the difficulty that comes with the 70 and 100 mile course options. After departing Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), the ride heads west on Morris Road. Within a few miles you will find yourself on pristine roads surrounded by plush vegetation, historic landmarks and Pennsylvania-Dutch barns. You will enjoy the picturesque views of Green Lane Park and conquer the appropriately named Hill Road before heading home across the rolling hills of Montgomery County back to the post event party at the MCCC. The total climbing elevation for the 45 mile course is 3,348 feet.

March 14, 2009

I hope you enjoy the journey we are about to take together. I will post at least once a week and include my training schedule and treat this like a journal of sorts. I will include pictures throughout and of course after the ride.
More on the way...