Tuesday, March 31, 2009

an inspirational playlist for my iPod

Hey! So on those days that the fog sets in, I need some tunes to give me inspiration and to keep the energy up. I thought I would share with you my Livestrong iPod Playlist. Hope you find enjoy. If I can figure out how to share them on the blog leagally I will. :0) It is about an hour long and some offer a great workout beat.

Bicycle Race - By Queen (if you've heard it, it needs no explaining)
I'm Coming Out - By Diana Ross (because 10 years ago Walt inspired me and this was our song)
Proud - By Heather Small (from the QAF soundtrack, it needs no explaining either)
La Copa De La Vida - By Ricky Martin (English version to appear later)
Life Is a Highway - By Tom Cochrane (You feel the wind in your hair listening to it)
Beautiful Day - By U2 (If I'm having a bad day, this takes it away)
Cue The Pulse To Begine - By The Burnside Project (from QAF 4, and does just what it says)
Dive In The Pool {X-Union Mix} - By Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay(you gotta hear it)
Praise You - By Fatboy Slim (even though he was sued by the original singer for rights to the song)
Tear Me Down - By Stephen Trask & John Cameron Mitchel (Hedwig ...Love it!)
The Cup of Life - By Ricky Martin (created for the Barcelona Soccer World Cup...it's FAB!)
Personal Jesus (Pump mix) - By Depeche Mode ("reach out and touch faith...")
Survivalism - By Nine Inch Nails (had to have some industrial metal)
If Everyone Cared - By Nickelback (created for Amnesty Int'l, highly recommend the video)

Hope you enjoy!

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