Friday, March 27, 2009

What's going on

Since this also includes my Dad, thought I would update you. I was able to have lunch with him today. His birthday is Wednesday, we'll just say he will be old. :0) He likes to be called "Old-man". He has radiation every day Monday through Friday and meets with the radiation doctor every Wednesday. He is doing good and spirits seem to vary from day to day, but mostly good. He said that after today's treatment he has 17 more treatments. After the next 5, they will begin focusing the radiation directly at the tumors in his esophagus instead of the broad area. Then he has a PET scan to see if the radiation has been beneficial.

My training is still going on. Tomorrow I start with the second stage of the new weight lifting program tomorrow and on Wednesday I start adding more cardio.

A couple of fundraising opportunities coming up, more details to come later:
April 25 Bake sale - Location TBA. All will go toward Livestrong Challenge Fundraising goal of $2,500.
June 20 - Reiki Healing Retreat; 10-1 @ Lifestream Center for $30. 50% will go toward the Livestrong Challenge fundraising goal.
June 20 - Art Show and Sale; 5-7 (maybe 8) @ Lifestream Free with affordable art Available for purchase. 50% will go toward the Livestrong Challenge Fundraiser.

But you don't have to wait until the fundraisers. Donate now!

Take a moment and watch this clip:

Til next time!

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