Friday, March 20, 2009

Week update 03/20/09

Wow! I am excited to announce that we are just shy of the minimum donation amount required, but we're not stopping there. We know we can make it to $2,500.

This week has been an adventurous week! It is exactly a week since I officially decided to ride in the Livestrong Challenge ( I wanted to weigh all my options, health, fitness level and well many other aspects of my life before I made the final decision. My Dad is in the middle of cancer treatments and had to look at the possibility that he could get sick and need people to be there with him. So I did not want the ride to be a stress, I wanted it to be a good outlet and a way to make something positive out of such an upsetting situation.

So here we are one week later. I have muscles hurting I have been aware of for some time. AND, it feels good to be alive. I stop to thank God for the body I have that I am able to go out and make it sore, that I am not confined and unable to push myself in such a way. I started really pushing through the weight lifting and cardio. We went out on the first outdoor training ride this week, well we even took two. Our usual day off ended up being a nice little ride on the greenway, with a headwhind both directions I might add.

A few things I have learned this week:
1- incline press is toughter than a bench press
2- you can make yourself really sore quick
3- it is possible to do more than you think
4- to remember that it is ok to ask for help
5- it is important to remember we're not alone in anything

Waiting for "Dot" my new to me road bike to get out of the bike shop. Otherwise setting up a training schedule and looking at possibly setting a 45 mile ride at the end of May to get a bench mark.
Visit my fundraising web-page while you're online and add your name to the honor roll...

Thank you for sharing the journey,

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