Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keeping on keeping on...

If you're new to the blog, be sure to look for the one titled "Here's my story" so that you can know more about me. Also be sure to visit my fundraising page at http://philly09.livestrong.org/rhondachattin. I greatly appreciate your support and thank you to everyone that has already contributed! We've reached the minimum goal, but still have a little ways to go to make it to $2,500. This month my practice Holistic Energy Works I will donate 50% of all appointments through the month of April. So two benefits for one, you get a relaxing and healing appointment and know that 50% of it is going to help wth the fight against cancer.

"Are you gonna ride or hide." ~Lance Armstrong
Don't hide! Be a part of this ride!

This week I have started a new way of lifting weights. We found it in the current issue on newstands of Women's Muscle and Fitness. It starts off with maximum weight with low repitions. So I am lifting huge amounts of weight only 3-6 times for 3 sets. WOW! You really feel strong doing it that way. I am focusing initially on strength training because my right knee has been lugging around extra weight for a few years (most my adult life) and needs some extra support. I will alternate through the rest of March with weights and cardio. In April on weight lifting days I will add cardio in the afternoon or evening. Though I have had a couple of extra days lately as we've enjoyed the nice evening weather before the lawn mowers start. Man they can junk up your allergies while riding quick!

We picked up "Dot" (my new to me road bike-needed a little TLC) on Saturday from the great folks at Just The Right Gear and went out on a spin on the local greenway. It will take some getting use to riding a road bike after so many years on my mountain bike. Your leg muscles even use different muscles more on one vs the other. Good to know! I also used upper chest muscles more on the road bike than I did on the mountain bike. I enjoyed riding the road bike, but the coordination will take some time. Thanks Lisa for the bike!

Thanks everyone for your support!
Peace and joy,

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