Tuesday, June 9, 2009

forward moving

"One who does not look ahead, remains behind."
~Brazilian Proverb

One thing I am doing on a regular basis is looking forward. Looking forward on the bike for any obstacles to avoid, looking forward as I work to improve my health, looking forward to fundraisers to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, looking forward to the 45 mile Livestrong Challenge ride in August and looking forward to a world free from the devastating disease of cancer.

Cancer is a terrible disease and we have the power to stop it, but action needs to be taken.
Write letters:
Lobby your Congressperson for more funding for cancer research for vaccines, more humane chemo drugs and whatever way you feel they can help end the 1500 deaths per day that will occur from cancer.
Donate online:
Good Karma Healing
June 20, 12-2 at Lifestream Center $20
50% goes to The Lance Armstrong Foundation
Get your car washed:
July 11, 11-3 at Haverty's Valley View
All monies go to The Lance Armstrong Foundation

Looking forward to a cancer free world!

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