Monday, June 8, 2009

75 days left

WOW! It is amazing how time flies when you're having fun.
Here is a quick update. Been a little busy after Lorax had her cancerous cyst removed and getting her squared around.

I have been able to do amazing things in this short about of time and have a wonderful group of people supporting me and riding with me. It is great! We have now completed three successful rides up Mill Mountain, our first Parkway ride and rode for 31 miles without more than a few minute break to stretch or fill up water bottles. This weekend we are shooting for four laps on the Huckleberry, which would put our total miles to 46.1. Since the last time we rode, Tammy has bought a road bike and two of our other friends have bought road bikes, one is renting one for the day. It is going to be another fabulous experience.

The gym thing is not as often as I am trying to get in more miles on the bicycle. Though we plan to pick that back up this week two days during the week to continue with some strength training.

Have you checked out the honor roll yet on my Livestrong Challenge fundraising page? The site is,, you can add your name really easily. :0) More money in checks and cash to be sent.

This has been a wonderful experience and looking forward to the next 75 days. I am glad to be sharing this with you and you take time to read these updates.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, updates, rides and fundraisers!

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