Monday, June 15, 2009

I know I can

Now I know I can! :0) Make it 45 miles on my bike that is. :0) The total elevation that I will climb in August will be more than the elevation that I climbed on Saturday, but I know I can make it 45 miles. Which is a relief!

Saturday, June 13, Tammy (on her spiff new road bike from the last time), Casey (also a new roadie) and myself all (Jessee was also on her new road bike and Elizabeth went along too, for 34 miles) went to Blacksburg again to ride the Huckleberry, for four laps. We did 46.08 miles in 3:32:25, which is respectable. Casey finished first ahead of us, someone did not fuel along the way properly and bonked so finishing was a struggle and it was not me. I was hoping not to have to say "I told you so", so I searched for a nice way to put it. Haha! It is easy to do, feel ok and as though you have more to give and not fuel. Heck, it is easy, even elite athletes misjudge. It is a tough task to accomplish, especially for me cause I want to feul, but I am also trying to reduce the weight that I am carrying around, so I have to be careful what I eat while riding. If you are having trouble on long rides, talk to a friend who does a lot of riding or with your physician. Proper feuling, including hydration can make a huge difference in a long ride or a lot of climbing.

As part of my regular training, we have started climbing on our bikes up Mill Mountain every week. It is a good steady climb with some steap parts. There is an old road that is much steaper, I want to make it up the new road a few times without stopping first. This week we did not ride up Mill Mountain, because we were going to ride 46.08 miles. So I figure if the riding continues and keep climbing up Mill Mountain, by August, 45 miles will be an achievable task and before they cut off the course. When I signed up, 45 miles seemed like a distant goal. I was going to be happy if I was 75% of the way there before the ride. :0) I am ahead of my fitness goal for the ride.

I have posted the course description and I am excited to show you the course map, with elevation and water stations.

Saddle up!

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