Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gear - The Jersey

Through three weeks in July you see streaks of bright colors flying by on fine tuned pieces of machinery. I mean the bicycles, though their operators are as well.
They are sporting their team sponsors in various colors and designs. Some are memorable while others fall to the wayside. These flashy jerseys, are more than sponsor advertisements, they are multi-functional.

1. They are made of various materials that help to pull moisture away from the body. That can help the rider keep better maintenance of their temperature. Until the 1970s the main material of choice was wool. Although it has come a long way since, at that time when the jersey got wet it got heavy and smelly. One of my jerseys is a wool jersey by, Earth Wind and Rider wool jersey, it doesn't feel hot, heavy and I haven't felt like I smelled like a wet sheep yet.

2. Most jerseys are ride ready. What does that mean? It means that when you lean over to the handle bars that your sleeves do not roll over and bunch up around your neck. Many have a slightly higher neck to protect from sun. It also means that the back is a little longer and when you bend over you limit the opportunity to burn your lower back cause your shirt is now bunched up around your neck and the sleeves have rolled over your shoulders. And you reduce the chance of showing off a little plumber crack, though I guess in this case it would become cyclist crack.

3. Like a backward kangaroo they come often with three handy pouches in the back. In early photos of The Tour de France you see them toting glass bottles in their pouches. These days cyclist out for a long ride might be storing snacks for the road, protien or carb bars gel pouches, sleeves (when the weather is cooler) and a host of other items.

4. For cyclist trying to improve their speed, a jersey can help where a basic Tshirt might get in the way. Most jerseys fit close to the body, reducing wind drag and helping their aerodynaics.

5. You can bling out your ride with a flashy jersey or a modest jersey, but either way you can add personality.
6. For women out there Terry (they also have a few plus sizes) has a great line of fashionable clothes for women. If you're like me and a little more on the full figured or curvy side Jenonia has a nice line of plus size active wear. Or of you want to show a little more personality, Primal Wear has something that might strike your fancy. Various styles and materials from modern to retro and wool to lycra and small zipprs to full length zippers. Trust me there is something for everyone.

Though a jersey may not be something you have ever thought of, I hope you don't discount the functionality of a jersey.

Hopping along!
July 11, 11-3
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