Monday, June 22, 2009


I am pleased to report that I am out of a sling and feeling pretty good after my collar bone popped out. Repeatedly in one week. Crazy thing to happen! Though I was able to ride and work, it was to be in a sling whenever not doing either of those or sleeping.

So I was happy to advance from short rides to a long ride yesterday. Cruizing along on a 40 mile ride, enjoying a perfect morning. Then at mile 25, BAM! I had a bug hit my leg, which I thought would bounce off and keep moving, that happens. But NOOOOOOOooooo it decided to bite me. As I yelped like a dog, who just had their tail stepped on, I tried to knock it off my leg, but it was latched on like a tick. So I am slowing down, avoiding a wall, clipping out, smacking at a bee and some how popped my tire all at the same time. It takes talent, I cannot teach such things, they come natural. So our ride stopped, for me at least, Tammy rode home to get the car as I went to a pick up point, with my leg turning red and hurting. It is better, but my tire needs a tube.

This is where I begin to plug our favorite bike shop! :0) I like to show loyalty to places where I shop, brands that I buy and so on. Generally there is a reason. This reason is the guys at Just The Right Gear are always nice and helpful. They have stood there answering our endless line of questions, helped us pick out Tammy's bike (Cannondale Synapse), we got our Giro Xen helmets there a few years back and many other odds and ends. They sell Cannondale bikes, Kona bikes, Litespeed, all sorts of gear, components, do repairs and so on. You can even get some Livestrong bike shorts there.

They have a Facebook group and a website too. If you are traveling from Downtown Roanoke on I81, take the first Salem exit and keep to your left. Take a left at the light onto 419, then right at the next night onto 311, driving toward 311. If you have driven a mile, you've gone to far, they are on the right hand side, almost seeming tucked back.

So I am off to get a new tube for the already popped tire and replacement tubes for our bikes and an on the road pump, so next time a blow-out happens we can keep on riding. Though if a rabid yellow jacket attacks again, we will listen to the universe and assume that it is time to get off the bike for that day.

Happy Summer!

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