Thursday, June 25, 2009

The ride will go on!

Although my uncle is not currently fighting cancer, Lorax's cyst has been removed and is doing well with her acupuncture treatment and Dad's PET scan shows no tumors, don't think I'm stopping now! Yes! My Dad's PET scan shows no tumors, his next step is going to the endoscopic doctor, though he was so excited he couldn't tell me why.

YES I a still going to complete a 45 mile Livestrong Challenge ride in Philadelphia!!! Yes, the final thing that happened to push me out on my bike and to start raising money for The Lance Armstrong Foundation is my Dad's diagnosis of cancer. BUT! There are many other Dad's out there, Mom's, Uncle's, Aunt's, grandma's, grandpa's, cousins, nieces, nephews, children, pets and may other loved ones still fighting for their life.

1 in 3 people will hear the diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime and I'm doing what I can to help stop this TERRIBLE disease! Help me to allow others to recieve good news about their cancer or the cancer a loved one has been fighting. To get beneficial information about treatment options and know what to do when they are free from cancer.

Break the cycle!

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