Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cancer Angels Part 3

Angels are all around us, day in and day out we angels helping us throughout our day. We might feel a gentle breeze brush by our cheek or smell of a flower as you walk by gardens that nobody else smells. Those are angels letting you know you are safe, you are being taken care of and that they are right beside you.

For cancer angels, many are more physical. They are the loving wife that sits through all the appointments with you. Taking detailed notes of the treatments ahead, of the next battery of tests. They stay up to make sure you're still breathing when you're really sick.

I've seen cancer angels in a mother and father holding their childs head so they can try to eat. Or holding their hand as they cry not understanding when their hair starts to fall out.

I've seen cancer angels stand quietly in the checkout line with a newly shaved head, hidden under a hat with a pink ribbon on the front. Standing strong, courageous and happy to just be.

The cancer angel with the selfless act of allowing a loving family to adopt her young child. Because they have reached a point where you cannot take care of them and will soon not be an earth bound angel.

Cancer angels are all around us. We have to stop and listen to what they have to tell us. I do not mean to talk to them, but to listen by watching. They teach us grace, humility, courage, and so much more. They have looked at life and at their life and at the life of their loved ones, to realize that there is more to life than we allow ourselves to experience.

Remember to enjoy life while you can, because when you cannot you will wish that you had. Experience your dreams before it is to late and live without regret.

Listen to an angel!

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