Tuesday, June 2, 2009

children and cancer

As you've already read I do not know life without cancer being in it. Sadly, but true. Fortunately I am 36 and have never had it in my body, tho many others around me have. Many are not even adults.

Today after noon, Skylar (cancer angels part 2) lost her battle with cancer. Her body got to tired to continue to fight the fight. No matter how ready you are for your loved one to be out of pain and discomfort, you are truely never ready for that next day when you will not be able to smell their smell, hold them or hear them. So remember to give blessings to the families of people with cancer. My love and prayers go out to the soul of Skylar being lifted heavenly and to her family who has shown unending love.

Another young one is fighting for his life. I do not know him, but someone at my vet does. So I'm passing along their story.

Here is the flyer as they have it:
Pack the Park-June 17th
Help us pack the park June 17 to benefit Dylan Smith (AKA Dill Pickles). Dylan us a brave 6 year old that is currently battling and winning the fight against medulloblastoma (brain cancer). He has endured numerous medical procedures over the last 6 months and has more treatments to go. We are trying to help the family with medical expenses and greatly appreciate any and all support and wishes given.
Thank you The Dylanators

For tickets you can call Monica Farris 389-2113 or go to Vinton Vet and see Lauren or Meghan.

If you buy a ticket from one of them it is $5 and $3 goes to Dylan's family. If you wait til the day of the game it will be $7 and 50 cents goes to the family. **In short you can save $2 and they get $2.50 more. So make that call.

****Really neat thing, it will be his birthday that night and he plans to attend!!!!

Keep up the fight!

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