Friday, June 12, 2009

saddle wisdom part 2

Here are a few things I've learned recently with my time on a saddle. Hopefully it will help you on your rides.

1. A car door with an occupant not noticing you on a bike can be a dangerous obtsacle.

2. Long distances might call for skin protection in the saddle area. Even with padded shorts, friction occurs. Body butt'r or bag balm come recommended. Nozema was mentioned, but I'm not sold on that yet.

3. If you're on road bike, watch out for railroad tracks or road grates with wide slits. Your tires are narrow and can get stuck and hitting the tracks just right can pop a tire or knock you off your bike.

4. Friends. Find a group to ride with. They help keep you accountable when you're not feeling the ride. They can also encourage you along the way in all sorts of ways.

5. Talk to your physician if your having any unusual problems. Such as continued fatigue, slow recovery or any other things that can cause you long term damage.

Go out and ride and have fun!

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