Monday, June 1, 2009

another name on the bib

Though we have a lot to celebrate on the bike. We still have times of struggle, both on & off. We had our first ever bicycle ride on the Parkway. We climbed Mill Mountain, I didn't freakout and feel I needed to stop part of the way up. This time I went all the way and kept going all the way to Vinton. Again with many thanks to Lisa and her wonderful coaching and cheering all along the way. Casey & Min joined us too, it was a nice group.

Lisa must've realized what she was doing, when she helped me through the heaviness in my heart. I was having a tough slow climb up Mill Mountain, a lump in my throat and I wanted to turn around and go home. I was having a moment of feeling defeated. The rain kept us off our bike all week & randomness kept us from the gym. So Tammy and I didn't feel as prepared. Not to mention the day before we found out that Lorax our 16 year old poodle was diagnosed with cancer, when we took her in to have a growth on her lip looked at. She had surgery today and all of the cyst was taken off. Given her age, we opted not to treat her cancer with chemo and/or radiation, but we are addimg to our regular vet by taking her to acupuncture to keep her comfortable. That starts next Thursday.

Lisa talked me through my visible struggle and helped me to realize that I was honoring her playful side by going out and playing outside on our bike. I talked about her playing soccer, by dodging a slightly smaller than regulation ball between her front paws. She won second place at a talent show once with such fantastic talent! :o) I ls have to brag she once won a pet costume contest. :o) She has oozing personality. Then another friend, Wanda, helped me again to realize that Lorax and my love for her will keep me strong on the bike when my dedication may waiver. Thank you to, two wonderful women that reminded me that life is pecious and deserves to be celebrated and appreciated when we have it!

So I add a 3rd name to my bib of the people I am riding in honor of, because all three have given me so much. I ride with in honor of their courage, their love of life and unique qualities. In August I chose to ride with those in my family still living with or surviving cancer; Dad, Jime' and Lorax will be proudly worn all 45 miles through the streets of Philadelphia, PA.

Don't forget to enjoy this moment!

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