Thursday, July 2, 2009

The governor

Today I had a unique experience on multiple levels. Some of the experiences more experienced cyclist might take for granted, others are more unique.

Today I was able to participate in a ride with the VA Governor (picture on the blog homepage). I went up to talk with him, told him I am doing a 45 Mile Livestrong Challenge in Philladelphia in August and I started a blog. I would appreciate it if he would pose for a picture with me so I can post it. I was excited to see he had on a LIVESTRONG wristband. :o) He was not there to talk about cancer research or other cancer funding, but was there to talk about the Greenway systems and developing old rails into trails ( It was a very nice experience and learned a lot. Keep reading for the rest. Thank you Governor Kaine for the pause for a picture with me, I appreciate your time.

Now to the other stuff I learned. Starting out with a group of cyclists is an exciting thing. One you have to really be on your brakes and ready for anything. There was something I had never heard in such volume and it is a really neat sound, though I am sure more experienced cyclists may not feel the same. Seeing as how I am pretty new to the clipless peddle thing and mostly new to serious cycling. I was more of a "weekend warrior" before. The sound of everyone clipping in as we took off, was a neat sound that I wish I would have recorded to post on the blog.

I was able to meet several different people. Pam who rode a fixed gear 1953 Schwinn (Hokie colors and with a bobble Hokie bird-ready for tailgating) who has spoke of many friends with breast cancer. I also spoke with Sue who helped with my photo op, I returned the favor. Sue and I talked about our riding experiences, she's done a few tri's (I still want to really bad), and rides with some of the local groups. So I was able to learn about some of the local group rides. It is important to learn how to ride in packs. I talked with a few other people. One lady wants to start a 3/4 club, then tickled herself when she said that it was for those 3/4 of the way through a century. It was a fun experience to meet all the different types of riders and learn why they ride. They in turn heard about my quest to help end cancer.

Overall it was a very neat experience, I feel honored to have participated with the group and to have learned what I did. Most of all, on our bicycles we were one, a rainbow of colors and on all sorts of bikes, clicking along with a unique experience to ride with our Commonwealths Governor.

Clicking along,

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