Thursday, July 30, 2009

cancer angels part 4

I know that cancer angels will continue to cross my path and I will continue to write about them. I will also attempt to recognize all of the cancer angels who have contributed to the Livestrong Challenge ( one way or another in the near future. This one is going to go out to the people who have helped me through all of this, who became priceless in these past few months. I am grateful for each of you being a part of my life, I thank you abundantly from the bottom of my heart! The cancer thing may resurface later on, but I want those of you to know how much I have appreciated each of you!

I am going to start off with recognizing Tammy and her unwavering support. Though we cannot take vows, she has stuck through, for better and for worse. Even hopping on a bike as I rode toward my 45 mile Livestrong Challenge goal and she went to each fundraiser. She has been amazing, knowing when to hold my hand, go roller skating, kick me in the butt, hand me a tissue, take me out for retail therapy and on and on. And probably watched more movies in the first months than she has watched her whole life. I have felt so blessed to have her in my life through all of this, that my appreciation is unmeasurable!

For Jime, Suzie and Steve, through your years of courage and bravery. I knew that through all each of you have been through so many times, that I would be able to make it through this. You have each taken it with stride and moved onward, seemingly to not skip a beat. Each of you are all amazing!

Mom, Dad, Suzie and Sara, who have watched your parents fight cancer. To worry about how your children will respond when they cannot call their grandparents when reports cards come out, for the ballet recital, baseball games or track meets. To worry about their needs before your own in many cases.

Dad, Mom and Suzie who sat with parents as they talked about angels and loved ones coming to visit. Trying to gather up more memories before you cannot anymore and being strong in the face of fear.

For Jessee and the mind distracting games of chess, listening and know when to a hug was in need.

Val, I had no clue about the anger phase! Thank you for listening and for all of the advice and knowledge, even though it hit close to home for you. Not to mention all of the lunches at McAlister's because it was the only thing that was not upsetting my stomach. If you never ate there again I would not blame you.

Jamison and Alexander, two wonderful practitioners that helped my body not crash while I was on an icy slope.

Carolyn, the Amethyst bio-mat felt so good when my head was spinning out of control.

The Reiki Practice crew, Carolyn and Wanda, that really helped to sooth the ache and anxiety.

For the Craven Crew who went to many movies and sat in the back, because they know the front makes me nervous. For the hugs and prayers and always checking in.

Richard, who even in battling your own cancer, asked about my Dad's cancer and checked in on how I am doing.

Lisa, for "Dot" so I can do the Livestrong Challenge on a road bike and for "Tweetzie" when "Dot" (bicycle names) broke her wheel. Because riding kept me sane.

For everyone that we ride with. It has helped putting in the miles so much nicer.

I thank the many others of you for your hugs, support, donations, listening, prayers and so many other ways!!! I cannot begin to express how much this has meant to me. I am hopeful I will not need to call on you for the same reason again, but for now I thank you for all that you have done!!! If you feel left out, it might be that my tears of gratitude clouded my memory, know that you crossed my mind, but not my fingers as I typed.

With love,

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