Monday, July 27, 2009


One of our on going semi-joking (cause there is some truth to it) comments is, "Self perception is everything.". Which is true on so many levels, but in this instance we're going to be talking about bicycling.
Yesterday, we joined another crew to go cycling with. It was nice to see other people and their techniques and riding styles. Then I also realized Tammy and I have not been riding not as fast as we can be and we can do more than we thought.

Here is a funny story:

So we were going to ride to Greenhill Park, for those of you not familiar it is just on the otherside of Salem in Roanoke County. If you'll recall, Tammy and rode our bikes there to the kit festival in April. That is the location of the obsession to sun screen occured. I apply often now! It took us one way 57 minutes and some change, the return trip was rough. We were dehydrated from the sun burn and lack of water consumption and that was a long ride for us then. :o)

Fast foreward three months, it took us 36 minutes and some change to get there and we were able to keep on riding. We did what our "New Riding Crew" called; "The Extendo"! It sounded serious, with such a name. Haha! We started out with what we thought was going to be an easy out and back 22ish miles, turned into a 32ish mile adventure. If we did not have other obligations we would have kept going.

So here is the perception part. Casey, Tammy & I shared with one another how certain rides use to be a big deal. Then we talked about, how now, we glide past that previous goals and keep going.

Years ago, Tammy and I got all kinds of excited, high-fives and all when we rode 12 miles one morning. We thought we had gone a long way and we celebrated too! It was a long way then. Now it is funny how our perception has changed, at 12 miles, we are practically warming up now. Tammy is great, she has those great long distance muscles and she is trimming up quite well, so even at 30 miles, she's just getting ready to go. I remember watching her zig-zag up what we now call a slight incline.

Last evening we were so proud of our accomplishment and chattered on about the ride with Jessee (from our regular crew), we took her out to show her the route. We talked about the new people, what we talked about and the experience of being shoved out of our comfort zone. For example, my legs stopped moving on one hill, they literally would not push or pull any further. I uncipped and had to walk, because I was afraid I would topple over without any forward movement. I hopped back on and we continued, that felt good.

So perception is everything and forever changing. Don't get caught in the story or get caught in your comfort zone. You might just see what you're made of and I am here to tell you, it feels darn good!

Look forward to seeng you out there!

What are you made of?

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