Sunday, April 19, 2009

sun screen & reality

We did it! We have wanted to do it since we got our bikes. Well more me, until this year. We have wanted to ride our bikes to Salem. We thought it would be us riding our bikes to my sisters house and asking if anyone could give us a ride home. LOL! We didn't ride there, but we now know that we can.

We instead rode to the other side of Salem, to the kite festival at Greenhill Park, which is past my sisters house, though not by much. We were meeting up with my sister, her kids and Mom, along with The Craven Crew. Dad didn't have the energy and was uncomfortable from back pain (more on that tomorrow).

While there, we bummed sun screen from Jamison (who was up there with her fab fam). That was not enough though. In addition to getting sun burned, we did not hydrate enough while sitting in the sun. So when we hopped on the saddle to return home we weren't as sharp as we should have been.

Then reality hit me. I realized half way home that in August I am going to have to do that ride twice, plus a few miles. That made my jaw hang lower as I dug in to get home. Trying to decide who to call to pick us up on the side of the road. Then a little voice said, "Keep turning those pedals, you're doing this to make a difference". So I kept pedaling, even announced that I think I'm dying. Tammy must have seen my struggle, because she chirped out a word of encouragement. I learned a lot on this ride.

One, a road bike is much easier than a mountain bike. I was on a road bike and Tammy was on a hybrid, that a friend was tired of looking at in his basement (thanks Walter!). FYI, the hybrid is also easier than a mountain bike. Two, we also learned that the roads in Roanoke are better than the roads in Salem. You don't realize this in a car. However, when your butt is on a saddle and your hands feel the vibration (even with bike gloves on) you realize the condition of the road. Three: Hydration is KEY! Even though I knew this from Track & Field in high school I had forgotten, that we should have drank more water while sitting in the sun. Four, I have an amazing partner that is not only supporting me in my Livestrong ride, but riding along with me. Cycling is often called a solitary sport, but I have someone I am sharing it with. I also have friends wanting to join us. That is great! Five, we ride more on flat greenways and not unpredictable ever changing roads. We had more hills and steady inclines yesterday, which made our almost 22 miles seem tougher. Six, sun screen is also a biking need! We look like lobsters!

Don't worry we will have sunscreen next Saturday (4/25) at the bake sale downtown on the market in front of Seeds of Light from 10-2. Look forward to seeing you there!

Wear protection and hydrate!

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