Sunday, April 5, 2009

cross training

We here it all the time, "cross training was the key my success", or something like it. Well I took that to heart and recognized that yes it is important to work other muscles. However, what I did not realize is that some cross training options can throw you out of your box.

That is exactly what we did yesterday! Wow!!! Tammy, Jessee and myself all ventured out to our local rock climbing gym. Rocwood is the largest in the area, by the way. It is huge! Eventhough I have no other reference point. It is a really great class and very thorogh in going over all the gear and teaching the basic knots that you need for climbing. So we were ready to go...

Jessee being a petite one of the crew shimmied up the wall like a little gecko. Tammy and I both nervously worked our way up the wall, not making it to the top, but 3/4 of the way. We put in a lot of climbing! I personally achieved one of my life goals and love it! We're going back Wednesday to get our certified to belay card for the Rocwood Gym and put in some more climb time. This is to say that by then I should not be nearly as sore as I am today. LOL! To think I wanted to put in some weight training before the class yesterday. Did not need it! Not only that I worked muscles that, well never have been used before. But it feels great! Who said fat people can't climb? Not me, cause we did. :o)

Off for a morning bike ride on this gorgeous spring day, after a little feul!


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