Monday, April 13, 2009


OY Vey!
Ok so, we had a great bicycle ride yesterday, then walked an additional 3 miles (approx). While we were riding we could have kept going, except my butt was tender and after our walk the knees were a little tender. All in all it was a good day. Tired and ready for bed, nothing out of the ordinary. Well hydrated and ate really well, thanks to my personal chef and supportive partner Tammy. :0)

So this morning I woke up, moving slow and SORE! It is Monday and our regular workout day. We take Wednesday off, because Tammy has school Monday and Tuesday nights, so Wednesday we're ready for a shorter day. That is ok, except we have amped up our workouts in April, because August is a little closer. This week we started to do an endurance ride on Sundays. If you have ever read anything on training, most everything says to take the day off after your endurance day.

We didn't take today off, for the above mentioned reasons. So the second my hands moved weights I felt just as tired as I felt last night before I went to bed. I felt like I never even slept. I was moving cement arms with heavy weights at the end. UGH! Now Tammy was excited to "feel the burn" and was trucking right along. While I felt like I was in slow motion.

Here is the reason. We've learned a few years ago, that I have a different type of primary muscles than she does. I have what they call "fast twitch". I have the wonderful ability to lift weights, then I feel and see immediately that I have been lifting weights. Where Tammy is doing the same thing and not seeing the results, but feeling the results and not seeing. Follow this link to learn more about the different muscle groups.

We call her the turtle and I am the hare, because I can shoot up short hills and sprint past her, cheering her on. On the long rides, she is just fine and I'm hurt'n. One of the things we learned a long time ago is I require a little more time to recover from big workouts. It has gotten a lot better over the years, but it is still something I requre. For me it is frustrating as I feel I am able to do more and my body tells me it is not ready. So it is my lesson in patience.

Don't go spinning your wheels!

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