Friday, April 3, 2009

keeping me moving

There are a lot of things that keep my body healthy and moving. Now I remind you, I am on the chunkier side, but that is only a number. I am still active and moving. For example I am taking a rock climbing class tomorrow with Tammy and with our friend Jessee.

About three years ago I began going to see an acupuncturist. I go to Acupuncture Roanoke and see Alexander Davis and is located in the Grandin Wellness Center (GWC). Also in the GWC is Jamison Cundiff with Nexus Chiropractic, my Chiropractor. Both of these people are helping my body to stay aligned and all of my Body to stay balanced and operating at it's fullest potential.

In addition to acupunture and chiropractic care, I work on myself by doing self Reiki (you can find out more about that in my blog at or on Facebook at my group by the same name.), I meditate and use essential oils to help my body to mend between workouts. I also go to the Lifestream Center and lay on a bed of heated amethyst crystals, which has the same healing benefits as going to the beach. All three of these appointments are valuable and re-energize me for the next day of workout.

I also have a wonderful partner that is a good cook and can cook healthy food and it tastes good too! :0) The good food of course helps to fuel my body so that I can keep going. Water is also pretty key! Hydration, hydration and more hydration. I go on the basic half your body weight of water in ounces and then some. So I drink at least 120 ounces to start with, I rehydrate after I excercise and try to see if my body needs more water. They say if you're thirsty then you are on your way to dehydration.

I do not stretch. If I have tight muscles I use "The Stick" which you roll over tight muscles to help losen rather than stretch. When I start part of my warm up is a series of excercises similar to qigong (chi-gong) and tai chi called, the peaceful warrior stretches, found in Dan Millman's Body Mind Mastery book(ISBN: 1577310942). Very useful and really gets the body loosened up and ready to go.

Hope these tips help!

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