Sunday, April 12, 2009

the half way ride

Happy Easter!
Today we went out on a ride. It was a great ride and a ride to help ease some of my anxiety over being able to complete 45 miles by August.

We are calling it "The Half Way Ride", well almost halfway. Through the wonderful treasure of a bicycle odometor (a great Christmas present years ago from Tammy) we were able to know how far we rode. We were 0.20 shy of exactly half way of 45 miles, at 22.30 miles. It took us one hour and 22 minutes. Not bad for a couple of chunky girls! :0) Tammy is such a good sport!

Yea, we're a little excited over the odometer. Before we had one, we would go out on a bike ride and after returning home, we would drive it in the car to see how far we had riden. So we are always really happy to be able to simply look down to see our distance traveled. It is the little things.

Hope your day was full of color!

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