Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a quick update

Today was a cardio day. I moved my feet and stayed put on a stationary bike. This week part of the new weight training we are doing 3 sets of a lower weight so that you can do 15-25 repititions with each set. I added new things to do and moved my crunches from 90 everyday to 105 every other day and 90 on the others.

Had lunch with my Dad today. Always so great to spend time with him. We ate at Wildflour and he chatted with Doug one of the fabulous owners of the cafe and bakery.

Dad's radiation was changed on Monday to focus in on the tumors on his esophagus. Now imagine the worst sunburn you've ever had. Now put that sunburn down your throat. That is what he has right now, making it difficult to swallow. So eating a meal requires a lot of liquid and patience. He said today somtimes he decides it isn't worth it. Otherwise he ate well and a lot.

Tomorrow is not a gym day, but is a rock climbing day. :o)

'til next time!

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