Sunday, April 26, 2009

beyond a marathon

I have to say I am so proud of the two of us!!!! Here's the scoop (please excuse any random spellings or grammer usage proofing will occur when not exhausted)....
Funny thing happened on the way to our first bike location, it changed. We drove out to where our ride was to occur, found out that it is a popular ride among cyclist as we passed multiple pelatons. However, I'm a city girl and like the idea of not needing to wait on Life Guard 10 or some other rescue vehicle to travel to the middle of no-where to take my broken body to a hospital.

So we instead drove to Balcksburg to ride The Huckleberry Trail. If you're unfamiliar it is a nice rails to trails ride that one way is 5.76 miles. Rails to trails are old railroad lines that have been turned over into a great area to cycle, hike or run. Some of the surfaces are different, this one is paved. There is a nice Rails to Trails Guide you can buy for Va, MD & another state that slips my mind.

We have riden the Huckleberry many times! Love that ride!!! It has a varied topograhical layout so you get a good workout. I must say everytime we ride The Huckleberry we talk about our first ride. It is memorable!!! It took us over 3 hours round trip and to beat all this really old guy (no offense to anyone that might be a really old guy reading this) zoomed passed us on his comfort bike. Though we were hurt'n we kept on moving. We had to walk a few times, but we finally finished and we were proud!!!!! We had new hurts that day, because that was the longest we had ever riden.

Today we are proud of ourselves again of our ride on The Huckleberry, because we rode it twice and rode back out to add a few more miles onto our ride. The grand total was 27 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes!!! Woohoo!!!! As a friend said when we sent a picture upon completion, "You both look so proud and exhausted at the same time.". We were both!

Today I wore my spiffy new cycling jersey! It was the first time. I really enjoyed it. It is a wool cycling jersey, most people think hot. Today I learned they are not. I have worn wicking shirts many times and certainly felt cooler in those than in a regular Tshirt. Today I stayed dry and cool, never once felt sweaty where my shirt was. Though There was some sweat'n that happened. If interested, my jersey is made by a company called Earth Wind and Rider. Chck'em out!

It was an excellent ride!

Collapsing now!

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