Monday, August 10, 2009

Livestrong Playlist 2

We are in the homestretch just before the 2009 Livestrong Challenge, so I thought it would be a good idea to update the inspirational iPod tunes. Some for creating speed when I'm in the gym, others are uplifting and a few other good ones to get us through. Though the song has crossed my mind, Bruce Springstein's "Streets of Philadelphia" will not make this playlist, mainly because I cannot listen to it without crying.
Hope you enjoy and please do not forget why there is this blog titled "More Than A ride". We're changing the world and ending cancer one revolution at a time!


Livestrong Playlist 2

Prayer for Peace - Star Children from the Earth Dance CD (it just feels good)
Fanfare for the Common Man - Aaron Copeland if you've watched the Olympics you know why
Carmina Burana, O'Fortuna - Carl Orf, it builds you up
The Olympic Spirit - John Williams and the Boston Pops, again watch the Olympics
Rind of Fire - Johnny Cash, Yea it surprised me too, but those tires are a ring of fire!
La Copa de la Vida - Ricky Martin, it is a repeat, for obvious reasons. Gotta enjoy life while we have it!
The Freight Train - DJ Irene from Phonosynthesis - Listen you just hear a fast moving group of cyclist in it.
I like to move it - Will i am - it is fun and well you gotta move it move it!
Elevation - U2 from the Tomb Raider Soundtrack, it is fun and lifts you up.
Dive In The Pool(X-union remix) - Barry Harris Featuring Peppa Masha, Cause you get soaking wet out there on a bike. Yep it is a repeat, it's that good.
Speedball'n - Outkast - Gotta have some more speed in the selection
Spin spin Sugar - Sneaker Pimps - It has some speed too!
If Everyone Cared - Nickelback - Listen to it, it has soul.
Make it Go Away(radiation song) - Sheryl Crow - For Tammy, because when we had a breast cancer scare a year ago, it gave her some strength and well it's obvious if you listen.

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