Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Philly Livestrong Challenge DAY!!!

I rode honoring my Dad, my uncle Jime (pronounced Hi-me) and Lorax our little baby girl who also rode to Philly with us.

Let me tell you something!!! This has been an amazing experience!!!

I am very proud of myself! The accomplishments of this Livestrong Challenge rank up there with some of the proudest things I have done in my life thus far.

Speaking of things so far in my life, this was also the toughest bike ride I have taken to date. I thought since I had done a 53 mile ride and a 60 mile ride and climbed up Mill Mountain almost once a week, I was going to be set. My nerves got up the night before when I noticed the elevation moved from 1600 odd feet of climbing to 1700 odd feet of climbing.

Well let me tell you something, well guess I've done that for the past few months. LOL! Titling these rides as a Livestrong Challenge is correct!!! I climbed a lot of hills and walked a few too, especially toward the end. It had gotten hot and by the end I had been in the saddle 4:48:12, the total milage was 46.3 miles.

I met a lot of great people all in the same fight. The fight to end cancer! Jim, Karen, Jason, Lila, and some encouraging riders along the way. We all cheered each other along. Expect their stories later.

Please pray for all the individuals that went down, two required an ambulance and were pretty bad looking. Slowed me down on the sharp corners or sharp descents. Sad that they got hurt during such an amazing ride.

I know you might be thinking; Why on Earth would you want to do this and planning on a repeat in 2010? Simply put, it is amazing to push yourself beyond what you thought ever possible. Tears were in my eyes as I crossed because of the amazing ride I had just taken and how I raised $1,145 to help end cancer. I am very proud of myself.



  1. Great post, Rhonda. I linked to it over at

    It was wonderful to meet you and Tammy and to ride with you. See you next year!

    Peace and love,


  2. Hey Rhonda,
    I'm auctioning a set of bright pink tires for the Livestrong Austin challenge. Any chance you could help me out and mention it here or to your bike friends?
    I'm at