Sunday, August 9, 2009

and miles to go...

It is amazing how fast, yet how slow August 23 has been in getting here. In two weeks from today I will have completed my first ever Livestrong Challenge ( and raised a respectable amount of money. I will have riden 45 miles through the streets of Philadelphia and will have proudly displayed the names of cancer survivors in my family; Dad, Jime' and Lorax. I don't have enough body realestate for everyone, though everyone is important.

I chose a Livestrong Challenge, because I believe in The Lance Armstrong Foundation and I believe in the need to end cancer. This is my first Livestrong Challenge, I plan on others and would like to see an end to the need for a Livestrong Challenge.

I believe far to many people have lost their lives to cancer, to many have lost their hair, to many have sat in fear, to many have cried and to many have been touched by cancer.

I have mentioned all the people in my life that have had cancer. I've shared some personal stories and some I will in the future. I am going to write a few of the names of people whom I have known during their cancer battle, listened to their story (cause sometimes it feels good to have someone to listen), sat with in their last days on earth (cause I know they are all angels now) or have known while in their battle. Feel free to post comments of people in your life or your own name.
Lorax, Dad, Jime', Nannie, PaPa, Mini, Thresa, Don, Tammy (not my partner), Pat, Pat (yes 2 different people), Anna, Darlene, Virginia, Ann, Margaret, Sandy 'Re, Richard, Nancy, Kenny, the tearful woman who worked in my building years a go with a pink ribbon breast cancer hat on who needed a hug, Eyde, Skylar, Peggy, Evelyn and sadly the list continues...

Please help to stop the vicious affects of cancer, donate to The Lance Armstrong Foundation!

I am not stopping until people stop hearing, "you've got cancer"!

You can change more than you think!

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