Wednesday, May 13, 2009

saddle wisdom

"You never have the wind with you---either it is against you or you're having a good day."
~Daniel Behrman

In case you're new to cycling or it has been a while since you've been out, here are a few things I hope can aid you along the way.
1- What cmes up must come down, so hills are no big deal....Not exactly, it takes longer to climb than to decend.
2-(this is generalized please take no offense if you're part of one of these parties) Children under 10 on a bicycle or razor scooters, dogs on a retractable leash, parents with strollers and sqirrels all make me reach for the brake! They are all incredibly unpredictable as to their direction or sudden changes.
3-Head winds happen! It does not always mean you'll have a tail wind for the return trip.
4-Warning! Cycling is addictive and you'll think about the joy it brings often! :o)

Pedal on!

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