Wednesday, May 27, 2009

cancer angels part 2

"When the heart is full the tongue will speak."
~Scottish Proverb

I'm speaking!

Angels are all around us, in the least likely places. You're an angel, whether you realize it or not. This is why, I ask for prayers. Not of myself, but for a family and their 13 year old who seems to be losing in this battle of cancer. Just when she should be getting dressed up to go hang out at the movies or to walk around at the mall, she is in battle for her life. Sadly she is more familiar with blood transfusions, chemotherapy, hospitals and trying to survive another day.

She is here in Roanoke, her family are good friends of, friends of mine. A few weeks ago she had a stroke. Lost some function immediately, but pulled through again soon there after. I cannot imagine the fear a 13 year old must feel in going through such an ordeal and the continued courage to stand strong in the face of such a tough oponent. I hope she is proud, because she continues to fight like hell!

Her body has stopped making new blood and bone marrow and all the things needed to replenish and rebound from any illness. Her family has been there by her side, her Mom leaving her job and doing all that she can for years. Yet, cancer seems to be stronger than the love of a parent. Please pray for these cancer angels the whole family. Also all of the young cancer angels out there that have been knocked down, but are still standing tall in a battle against cancer.

Still riding and fighting for those who can't fight so we can reach an end of cancer!

Peace and love,

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