Monday, May 11, 2009


Age is funy-funny thing! It puts wrinkles on our face, causes skin to hang wierd off our body and we may have to buy glasses, orthopedic shoes or who knows how our bodies will react.

I am 36 years old. The main thing I notice with all of this new training scheduled is, I am doing things I never thought I would do at 36. I am preparing to ride 45 miles in August and that feels good! A few things I have noticed different is that it takes a little longer for my body to rebound after long rides or hard workouts. I have to loosen up my muscles before I roll out of the bed to start my day. That is ok, because all in all my body has been good to me. I have abused it, by eating horribly and it is still be-bopping along. I have a few aches and twinges I probably didn't have at 18, but I'm doing it.

Now, I am changing many of my habits. I am eating better than I have my whole life. More whole foods. Fruits and veggies not processed foods, limiting refined sugars and practically eliminating dairy. I am stopping the cycle! You see my great-grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, a cousin and many friends have lost their life to cancer. My Dad, uncle and countless friends are living with cancer or learning how to live life after cancer. All at varied points in diagnosis, treatment and remission.

I had a dream a month ago. One of that I thought was one in the many anxiety dreams since my Dad's cancer diagnosis. I was running for my life through the whole dream, trying to prove I was innocent. That is how I think people feel when they hear they have cancer, they ask why me, what have I done. Or I'm a good person. Then I realized that at 36, having spent most of my life overweight, correction morbidly obese, this is my last chance to change the pattern.

It is my choice what I do with my life and I take full responsibility for all I have done in terms of eating and creating a healthy life.

I hope you talk to your family doctor, ask them how you can reduce your cancer risks. There is even genetic testing to determine your risks. Nothing is 100% effective, there are a lot of factors that go into cancer, but an improved diet and excercise can reduce your risk of some cancers by 50%.
Accept your choices you've already made and change your path. If you have multiple risks, every little bit helps, stop smoking or start excercising, pick what works for you. Let us all stop this disease of cancer. We have the power! I plan keep doing a ride and raising money as long as we are still in battle with cancer, because I know how crippling the disease is on many levels. It's more than about you and me, it is about all of us. Anyone with cancer affects us all! Please donate so that these monies can start going toward prevention or helping someone learn their treatment options.

Take control and stop the cycle of disease in your life!

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