Monday, September 28, 2009

More Than a Ride Continues

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On March 14, 2009, I started the blog “More Than a Ride”, Tammy came up with the name and it has been a perfect name. I had no clue when I decided to sign up for a LIVESTRONG Challenge raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and start this blog that my life was going to change so much.

You see, I had just found out in January that my Dad had stage three esophageal cancer. I was trying to figure out life and understand illness and death. I think I was doing a pretty good job, but found out later that I was struggling more than I thought. Though I did realize I needed to do something to help myself and still be able to help my family when needed. So forcing myself out on a bike to train for a 45 mile bike ride and fundraiser was a journey I started and wanted to share it with you. Primarily, because I know I am not the first person to experience a loved one with cancer, sadly I will not be the last.

So, here we are six months later. I completed my first LIVESTRONG Challenge and raised a total of $1,195 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Please note: I did not do it alone! However, when I crossed the finish line I heard a little voice whisper in my ear, (it was probably one of the “cancer angels” I have gliding along with me) “Rhonda, your life will never be the same”. I have to agree, because I soon realized how amazing it is to do something that you do not think that you could do. Even though I had ridden more than 45 miles before that day, those 45 miles were the toughest I have ridden to date. It lived up to the name of LIVESTRONG Challenge and served the purpose to push me to my limit, to bring me to tears of fear and tears of joy.

Now I am ready for the next journey and I would love for you to experience something as amazing as I did. I hope you can join me April 24, 2010, for 13.1 miles!

In fact, I am challenging you! (standing with a Victorian white glove in hand)

Come to Roanoke, VA and join me for 13.1 miles in the Blue Ridge Parkway Marathon (, it is considered one of the toughest on the east coast. No, I am not crazy, but the experience will be one of the most rewarding you have ever had. IF YOU SO CHOOSE not to join me for 13.1 miles, remember you can walk and have 7 hours to finish, you have a few other options. Remember, I will nag!

If you choose not to walk, run or run/walk 13.1 miles with me, I ask you to donate at least $13.10 to FOUR different non-profits fighting cancer (of your choice) in honor of three people in your life, plus $13.10 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (, making it 13. You have until April 24, 2010 to complete.

There is also another choice we call it the stimulus option. If you choose not to join me for an unforgettable 13.1 miles, I ask that you VOLUNTEER at 13 area fundraising events (they do not have to be cancer related), such as 5Ks, half and full marathons, and so on.

You see, “More Than a Ride”, is more than about the ride, it is about “changing the world one revolution at a time”. Whether you choose to turn your pedals, sneakers or hours volunteering, it is amazingly rewarding to do all of the above and making a difference in the world around us. I hope you choose the one you think you have no possibility in achieving, because I know you will cross whatever finish line you set!

Come on along and join the journey!

We are changing the world one revolution at a time!

PS: LIVESTRONG Challenge 2010 is out there too, so stay tuned for that journey! It is going to be a great year!

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