Wednesday, September 16, 2009

get out & ride!

Yes, the 2009 Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge is over, but the riding has not stopped. Plus I have started to work on my running and working toward the half marathon in Roanoke, VA (home turf!) in April of 2010. So not as much riding as before. More coming soon on that. I took some time off from the blog, to set the focus for the next events. Stay tuned!

SO HERE WE GO! You need a bike!
I know you're itching to get out and feel the wind blow across your face, feel the wind rushing by as you cruise down the street. It is something I look forward to as soon as I get off my bike.

Go to and get your really cool "Campus Cruiser" Bike and we'll even let you call it a "Greenway Cruser". :o) $25 of each of the Komen Cruisers sold will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A one-speed is $299 and a 3-speed is $499 and you get some good karma points for your bonus contribution.

Ride-onward friends!

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